Our Philosophy

Shambhala is a place of universal love, good and knowledge. This mythical kingdom is hidden away from the eyes of the physical comprehension, somewhere far away in the insubstantial world. The purpose of Shambhala is to share and to awake these three indispensable and the most important things in life of each of us – love, good and knowledge. Love as a initiator of goodness, goodness as a source of positive action and knowledge as a foundation for the overall prosperity of the human race. – MV.

Who We Are?

ShambhalaSpaConsulting is a consulting firm specializing in spa planning, designing and developing. By offering innovative treatments and unforgettable spa experience to our clients, and strong financial performance to our business partners, we materialize ideas and transform ‘dreams into reality’.


What We Believe?

ShambhalaSpaConsulting believes that knowledge is power and that its selfless sharing leads to common progress, i.e. makes all of us even stronger. We also believe that working together is more productive and more fun than working on one’s own, and that high standards of service quality are imperatives to which all should aspire.


Why Choose Us?

 ShambhalaSpaConsulting is a team of creative people that offers simple, clear and profitable conceptual solutions. They offer visually appealing solutions, but are also focused on making a profit. By creating unique concepts, unforgettable spa treatments and a good operating system, Shambhala Spa Consulting offers to our clients a unique know-how product.

“The past can’t be changed, but the future is ours to shape if we make the effort.” Dalai Lama

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