How to handle it After You’ve Had Unprotected Sex

How to handle it After You’ve Had Unprotected Sex

If you’ve had unsafe sex recently, you may be focused on what direction to go next. From getting tested for STDs to having a maternity test, the good thing is that the second actions are particularly clear. Browse below for the schedule associated with actions you need to just simply take after non-safe sex.

1. A day after

Don’t panic. Whilst it varies girl to girl, normally it takes up to 3 days for the semen to achieve the egg for fertilization. This means maternity doesn’t occur immediately after always intercourse. Therefore, don’t stress yourself out. It is additionally feasible that although you’ve had unsafe sex, the semen didn’t fertilize, meaning a maternity will likely not take place. It is better to provide your self time for better indications, like a period that is missed other very early signs and symptoms of maternity.

2. 1-2+ days after

Get tested for STDs. The first you can begin evaluation is certainly one after unprotected sex week. Nonetheless, with respect to the STD, you might longer have to wait. Some STDs usually do not arrive just as others. For instance, HIV, Hepatitis B and C and Syphilis may take as much as 3 months become detected, while Chlamydia and Gonorrhea will arrive after a couple of weeks. Read More…