Sharing StoriesInspiring Change. Deconstructing the “Sassy Gay Buddy”

Sharing StoriesInspiring Change. Deconstructing the “Sassy Gay Buddy”

David Levy, composing for, recently challenged us at JWA to touch upon the gender/sexuality dynamic of this Second City’s brand brand new video clip show, “Sassy Gay buddy. ” He published:

There’s a long tradition in Judaism of imagining various variations of y well known stories, from rabbinic midrash to contemporary novels. Comedy troupe The 2nd City has tossed their cap in to the ring this week by having A youtube that is new video their “Sassy Gay buddy” series.

If you’ren’t knowledgeable about the show, it began many months ago as being a goof regarding the fate that is tragic of nearly all Shakespeare’s heroines. Maybe, the videos advised, Ophelia, Juliet, Desdemona in addition to remainder could have had happier endings them away from trouble if they only had a BFF to steer. (we will keep it to JWA when it comes to deconstruction that is try this inevitable of these videos state about sex and sex. )

If that is a challenge, We accept. Some sense into them, and saves the day in the videos, Ophelia, Juliet, Desdemona and Eve are each about to do something stupid when their “sassy gay friend” steps in, talks. Into the movie below, the sassy friend that is gay Eve from consuming the apple.

My, my. Where to start. “Sassy Gay buddy” extremely demonstrably plays on stereotypes — the label that homosexual guys occur to be ladies’ “sassy homosexual buddies” additionally the label that ladies are, since it is over repeatedly stated within the videos, “stupid bitches. “

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